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Our management system has been certified according to DNV Standard for Certification of Crew Manning Offices and Private Recruitment and Placement Services. Mercator Crewing has been granted with the certificates as:

  • Crew Manning Office
  • Private Recruitment and Placement Service based on requirements in Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, Regulation 1.4

 MLC – statement about fees for recruitment:

 No fees or other charges for seafarers recruitment or placement or for providing employment to seafarers shall be borne directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the seafarer, other than the cost of the seafarer obtaining a national statutory medical certificate, the national seafarer’s book and a passport or other similar personal travel documents, not including, however, the cost of visas, which shall be borne by the ship owner.

 The only costs which the seafarer will be expected to bear in the recruitment process, are the costs related to the interview (either personal meeting or with the use of communication tools), such as but not limited to travel to/from the meeting place, accommodation and meals, charges applying to communication tools etc.

All costs concerning achieving required qualifications for employment are on seafarer’s account.